Hand Sculpted, Custom Self Portrait

$280.00 USD

Have you ever wondered how you would look as a sculpture? Order a custom self portrait and see how beautiful you'd look as a mythical creature. Choose to add fairy wings, horns, or angel wings- or non at all if you wish! If you'd like to add extra details like facial tattoos, or extra decorative sculptures please note that there will be an extra charge at the end for those added details.

The size of the heart plaque the portraits will rest on are 6 inches big. The back of the hearts are custom engraved with my Bitchseida logo. D-ring hooks are attached to the back for easy wall hanging.

***What to do once you place your order***

I will email you within 24 hours of placing your order so we can discuss what vision you have for your piece. Please be prepared to send pictures of your face from all angles. Take some time to think about what makeup look you might want, including eyeliner, lip shade, blush shade, etc. Please also not that some hairstyle's might be out of my technical skill and there may or may not be some further discussion about what hairstyle would be best. Some hairstyles may also sit awkwardly against the plaque and may need to be adjusted accordingly.

***How long will it take to get my sculpture?***

Sculptures take a lot of time and care to make. Please keep in mind that developing and perfecting a sculpture is tedious, requires a lot of time and attention to detail and may take up to 1 month to complete.

*Please note that I will be collecting the shipping cost once the doll is complete, and I wont ship the doll out until you have paid the shipping fee.

*Be aware that if you are ordering from OUTSIDE of the US, shipping can be anywhere from $25-$55 USD.