SMALL "Selkie" Hand Sculpted Trinket Tray

$150.00 USD

Hooray! You found this magical shell, let’s see if there’s a pearl… oh no! A Selkie has claimed it already… no worries, she’ll keep your trinkets safe too, along with her pearl.

- Cast from my original seashell sculpture and meticulously hand painted with love. Sealed with UV resin for a scratch resistant surface.

This small, 4.25 inch version will be the same exact design as the larger one. This is a made to order product, production begins once ordered. Pictured here is an example of the size difference between the large trinket tray and the small one.


Due to this being a made to order product, these are not in production yet so the shipping will take anywhere from 18-20 days depending on how many orders come in. Please be patient as I work to get yours done, thank you!

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